Virtually connect with your Astrologer as per your comfort in Astrology Kart

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As life is moving towards instant UPI payments and online deliveries and still you are stuck in same cash payment era. Why not to change your ways as life is moving in a digital era. You must be thinking why just to have a conversation of questions and waiting for feedback answer in next hour. So, pandemic has taught us several life learning’s that while sitting at home you can connect with a hundred of peoples at a time and not just that you can actually interact with them virtually. So, we thought as every field is upgrading their work virtually, so Astrology Kart also came up with an idea called Talk to Astrologer as Astrology field was just considered as a portal where you can ask questions and wait for the answer in next few days however now Astrology Kart are giving you the opportunity that you can talk to your astrologer of your choice in your language at any time as we are providing you the service 24*7. The pricing of every Astrologer is given on the right side of the box, so it will be easy for you to make the choice as per your convenience. 

What Astrology Kart is providing?

  • Talk to Astrologer

As there are several types of astrology readings online, and you get confuse what is right and beneficial for your future. So Astrology Kart brings you the service called talk to Astrologer service where there are panels of expert Astrologer who are well knowledgeable from the field of Astrology and clear all your doubts regarding your career, love life, marriage, Vastu and health by just calling them live as per your convenience by just sitting at home and the pricing is kept budget friendly so that it does not be a hindrance in between you and your favorite astrologer. One on one conversation will clear all your doubts as you will get the astrology advice from the panel of expert astrologer and will help you to achieve success in every aspect. 

  • Chat with Astrologer

As being scared of asking questions live is really difficult for some people as they are mostly introverts or Ambiverts. They don’t want to speak out or share their feelings with someone as they hesitate to share their problems directly to a person, so we have launched another service called Chat with Astrologer where you get to have a conversation in a chat basis and from the panel of experts the Astrologer whom you have selected will help you in guiding the path to the future. There you can write your questions in chat, and they will answer your questions instantly. Here astrology advices will be provided as well as your queries answer will also be provided in a written form and the best part is that you don’t have to face a person formally in a virtual basis.

 The format of astrology will remain the same as earlier however the techniques of interaction is changing as per time, so choice is fully yours as you want to talk or chat with an astrologer.

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