Truth Revealed- Why Everyone goes from Marriage to Divorce Astrology!

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According to the website,The most significant turning point in a person's life is marriage. Marriage marks the start of a new chapter in the lives of both the boy and the girl.

  • It's a marriage that explicitly spells out responsibilities, and it's a great way to learn about the concept of family. Chat with Astrologer, Marriage is a holy connection between two souls who promise to always be at each other's side and to exude excellent moral character, love, honor, and commitment to one another! It is a sacred union of two souls who vow to stand by each other's sides at all times and exude good moral character, love, honor, and commitment for one another! It is not just a social arrangement in which couples choose to spend their lives together and raise a family; it is a sacred union of two souls who vow to stand by each other's sides at all times and exude good moral character, love, honor, and commitment for one another! 
  • Divorce is caused by a variety of factors.
  • According to, there could be a multitude of reasons for a divorce. The Kundli Matching method predicts a marriage's success or failure based on a variety of characteristics that are crucial in determining whether a marriage will succeed or end in squabbles and, in some tragic cases, divorce. Talk to Astrologer, If the Kundli or Horoscopes of the male and lady do not match on certain parameters, the chances of divorce increase. Here are a few instances of broad parameters:
  • Inner Nature's Health
  • Sexual Compatibility 
  • And Childbirth
  • Finance 
  • Longevity
  • Planets, for obvious reasons, are extremely important in determining the trajectory of a marriage. If planets hurt some key houses in a horoscope that are important in the marriage portion of a person's life, that person will have marital issues.
  • Malefic and Cruel Planets' Effects on Marriage. The following planets are regarded to be naturally malefic planets:
  • Saturn
  • Rahu is a planet in the Hindu astrology (North Node of the Moon)

Ketu is a planet in the Hindu calendar (South Node of the

         Moon)The following planets are also termed Cruel Planets:

  • Mars
  • If malefic or cruel planets negatively impact the houses of a person's Horoscope or Kundli that are associated to the marital sphere of that person's life, it offers major hazards to the smooth running of that person's marriage.
  • Saturn in the 7th House, whether it is ruling or inspecting the 7th house in a native's horoscope or Kundli, favors marriage with someone much older or even divorced. As a result, the section on 'Marriage to a Divorcee Astrology' in Vedic Astrology focuses primarily on Saturn's connection to the Kundli's 7th house
  • If Rahu and Ketu have a malefic impact on the houses that are connected to a person's marriage in life, they are renowned for bringing about unexpected and frequently bad consequences in one's marriage.
  • Last but not least, the Sun and Mars are nefarious planets that can wreck a native's marriage if they come into contact with the native's marriage-related houses in the Kundli. Astrology Advice Online, Mars' position in the couple's Natal Horoscope, or JanamKundli, is given extra attention since this exceedingly volatile planet can generate a 'Manglik Dosh,' which is a very harmful planetary fault caused by an ill-placed Mars in either of the couple's Kundli. For further details, visit the website of
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