Know which is the Best day to Travel as per Vedic Astrology?

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In our lives, we all have to travel several times. These journeys are necessary for our livelihood or personal reasons such as leisure travel, family or cultural responsibilities, and so on. It is not uncommon to see people pack their belongings and travel to escape the stress of their daily lives, Chat with Astrologer. The fact of the issue is that everyone must travel at some point in their lives for various reasons. Many of you must have had the experience of encountering several hurdles on your travels, only to have them turn pointless in the end for no apparent reason. Indeed, some journeys result in losses rather than meeting the objectives of the journeys highlighted. 

Have you ever been curious as to why this occurs?, According to Vedic Astrology, the concept of time and planetary motions has a significant impact on the issue of travel. 

• Travel, if done according to Vedic Astrology's laws, can easily turn out to be a success, leading us to our destination and achieving the primary goals of the journey. 

Vedic Astrology's 'Day' concept

 • The concept of 'Day' is incredibly important in Vedic Astrology, and India's holy writings describe the significance of each of the seven days of the week in considerable detail. 

• For example, according to our specific goals and ambitions in life, the scriptures instruct us which Deities should be worshipped on different days of the week. Each day is identified with a specific Deity, and if that Deity's powers are invoked through Pujas or Vedic Rituals on that day, then prosperity in that person's life is a natural conclusion, In Vedic Astrology, the day plays an important role in the 'Panchang.' Panchang is the categorization of time-based on various factors such as:

    • 'Vaar' means 'day' in Hindi.

  • 'Tithi' means 'Lunar Date.' 
  • 'Nakshatra' stands for 'Lunar Constellations.' 
  • Time is classified as auspicious or inauspicious in 'Yoga'.
  • 'Muhurat' is a period (favorable or unfavorable) that arises as a result of the various states of Panchang parameters at any particular time.
  • Day is important in selecting the best Muhurat for ceremonial rituals, 'Havan' (Pious Fire Ritual), 'Sanskaar' (Vedic Duties), and travel while undertaking time analysis.
  • It should be noted that the time of day, as well as the direction of travel, has a significant impact on the outcome of the journey. 
  • In Vedic Astrology, assists us in determining which days are likely to be lucrative for us and which days are likely to present obstacles and issues in terms of travel.

The Importance of the Day in Travel

  • Traveling in the east direction on Monday and Saturday, according to Vedic Astrology principles, is afflicted by "Disha School."
  • Disha School refers to the difficulties and roadblocks encountered when traveling in a specific direction on a specific day or day. 
  • On Sundays and Fridays, Disha School takes place in the west, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in the north, and on Thursdays, in the south. Talk to Astrologer, As a result, one should strive to avoid traveling in these directions on days when a Disha School is likely to appear, causing the journey to fail. 

The following days and directions are recommended for travel:

 • Monday is a good day to travel in the south.

 • Tuesday is a good day to travel in both the east and south directions. 

• Wednesday is a good day to travel in both east and west directions.

 • Thursday is the day for travel in all directions except the south.

 • Travels that begin on a Friday evening are considered lucky. 

• Saturday travel should only be done if necessary, and if at all feasible, Saturday travel should be avoided. 

• Sunday is the best day to travel east. 

The following days and directions are considered unfavorable for travel: 

• Traveling in the West Direction on Sunday is considered unlucky.

 • Monday: It is deemed unlucky to go in the east direction.

 • Tuesday: It is deemed unlucky to go in the north direction. 

• Wednesday: It is deemed unlucky to go in the north direction. 

• Thursday: Traveling in the direction of the south is deemed unlucky.

 • Friday: It is considered unlucky to travel in the West Direction.

 • Saturday: It is considered unlucky to go in the east direction. 

• Disha School Travel Prevention Remedies 

  • There are some inevitable reasons why we must travel in a specific route on a specific day where a Disha School (hurdle) is present, according to per Vedi astrologer, take the Astrology Advice Online
  • We can avoid the obstacles and challenges that the Disha School creates for us if we take certain corrective actions advised by Vedic Astrology before traveling in a certain direction on a specific day that is affected by Disha School. 
  • After eating Sugar & Curd (Sweet Yogurt) or Betel Leaf & Cardamom on Sunday, travel. After eating Sugar & Curd (Sweet Yogurt) or Betel Leaf & Cardamom on Sunday, travel.
  • Monday: Travel after eating Kheer (rice and milk porridge) and looking in the mirror. 
  • Tuesday: After eating jaggery, travel.
  • Wednesday: After worshipping Lord Ganesh and sipping milk, go on a trip. 
  • Thursday: Travel after eating Roasted Cumin Curd.
  • Friday: After a glass of milk or a sweet ‘Lassi,' travel.
  • Saturday: Eat 'Urad Dal Khichdi' (Rice & Black Gram Porridge) or 'Immarti' before leaving, 
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