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Marriage marks the start of a new chapter in one's life. It is seen as the beginning of a new family and a lifelong commitment. It necessitates a great deal of effort on both parties' parts, but it also provides you the wonderful sensation of sharing your life with someone important. Marriage is highly significant in India. Talk to Astrologer, When parents have children of marriageable age, they constantly ponder about finding a nice match and have their horoscopes matched by India's greatest astrologer. website Kundli Milan is crucial in every marriage, whether it be a love marriage or one planned by parents. Kundli Milan is mentioned in all weddings in our Vedic literature. Matchmakers include the date of birth in the bio-data of all potential matches since it is one of the most important variables in choosing whether to accept or reject a match.

A professional love marriage astrologer may analyze all variables first in the event of a love marriage when the guy and girl are dead set on getting married. Chat with Astrologer, If the horoscope matching is excellent, there should be no problems; however, if the horoscope matching is poor, they may be able to recommend some treatments. The greatest astrologer in India would examine both charts and do a gun matching, which is the classic Kundli Milan procedure. The total number of points that may be earned is 36. A minimum of 18 out of 36 points is required to proceed with the marriage.

We've all heard of the 36 points of horoscope matching at some time, but it's fascinating to learn exactly what these factors entail. As per the Astrology Advice, they will explain the parameters in basic terms to give you an understanding of what they are. There are some parameters following that is being included in it: –

  • Nature compatibility (1 point)- In this horoscope matching aspect, we look at the natural compatibility of a guy and a girl by looking at their moon sign cast.
  • Who will control whom (2 points) - in this Kundli Milan aspect, we look at their moon signs to see who is the dominant or controlling one of the Bhagya (destiny - 3 points)- it's critical that their fates align so that they can live happily ever after. This may be verified by looking at their moon nakshatra.
  • Sexual compatibility (4 points)- Because sex plays such a significant part in marriage, it is critical to assess a couple's sexual compatibility before they marry. The yoni to which they belong verifies this.
  • Mutual understanding (5 points) - This is an extremely essential factor, and many modern-day astrologers place a high value on it in comparison to the other factors. When a couple has mutual understanding, they can go through any difficult time in their lives and stay together. The moon sign lord's friendship level cancels this out.
  • Guna level (6 points) - this part of horoscope matching, reveals more about a person's thinking and should match within a pair. This Manushya is divided into three portions or rakshas of data.
  • Love (7 points) - As we all know, love is the foundation of any marriage. Even Kundli Milan places a high value on it, awarding it 7 points and calculating it by examining the moon sign.
  • Health (8 points) - After marriage, both parties' health should be fine. We can see if this is true by looking at the moon Rashi of both parties.
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