How Reading, Pranayama & Ayurveda can help in this period of Coronavirus Lockdown?

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  • all under a nationwide lockdown as a precaution, and we're all doing our part to assist the government tackle the Coronavirus outbreak as successfully as possible. Given the havoc that this fatal illness is wreaking over the world, and with no medical solution in sight, the only option to stop it spreading is isolation and social separation.
  • When it comes to COVID-19, there is no room for error, and all preventive measures must be implemented immediately and without hesitation, for this virus spares no one!
  • While we are all on a preventive lockdown, we cannot ignore the fact that this lockdown has the potential to cause a lot of stress in many people's minds, if it hasn't already.
  • This is because a sudden halt in all outside movements is unanticipated by almost everyone at some point in their lives, and the abrupt but justified brakes that are applied to a person's normal day-to-day movements cause that person to feel the psychological stress of that restriction on his or her mind.

What are your options for making the most of this Lockdown?

  • "To keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our country safe, we must diligently follow the government's directions and ensure this preventative lockdown achieve its primary purpose of containing the spread of Coronavirus with the least possible damage," the administration says.
  • Having said that, we must also deal with the issue of dealing with the stress that this lockdown has brought with it. We must recognize that not everyone is capable of dealing with abrupt solitude, and that many people are pushed to stress, worry, and despair during such difficult moments. As a result, we must instantly adopt something that will improve our mind's ability to function smoothly and efficiently in these trying times, as well as help us connect with our "inner-self" in order to create a peaceful and composed state of mind!
  • Remember that only a calm mind is a clear mind, and only a clear mind allows one to perceive things accurately and sail through them gracefully. Astrology Advice
  • To Connect with Our Inner Self, We Must Read!
  • Yes, reading is the answer to a plethora of problems that one may encounter in life. This is due to the fact that reading empowers a person by instilling the knowledge or wisdom needed to successfully navigate through life's maze of problems.
  • Fear is produced by ignorance, and fear obstructs our ability to think properly. When ignorance is removed from a person's life, all problems' solutions emerge as apparent as water.
  • As a result, we must begin reading because it is a fantastic instrument that offers us with the wisdom we need to function with a calm and clear mind while also ensuring our overall growth in life. For free guidance, Talk To Astrologer
  • "Should we read something?"
  • Obviously, we shouldn't just pick anything to read because when it comes to making fundamental and conscious changes in our life, we need to read something that will help us connect with our inner selves.
  • Given the struggle against Coronavirus, it would be ideal to read anything said before a war, right in the thick of a battleground.
  • We're discussing the "Bhagavad Gita."
  • The Bhagavad Gita is a boon bestowed upon humanity approximately 5000 years ago on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, just before the Mahabharat war began. When Arjuna was in a state of sadness and grief, Lord Krishna delivered him the sublime discourse of the Bhagavad Gita.
  • Since then, it has continued to enlighten humanity and will continue to do so till the end of time!
  • The 18 chapters of the Gita contain the key to having a calm but fully active mind that is capable of facing any life issue with utter grace.
  • It teaches the true meaning of serenity as well as the true meaning of life. The Bhagavad Gita shows an individual's true responsibility and how to navigate through life without being influenced by false feelings.
  • Through this speech, Lord Krishna assisted Arjuna, the greatest warrior, in removing grief and unfounded fears from his mind.
  • Isn't it true that a thorough reading of the Gita would relieve our fears, sorrows, and anxieties?
  • It will, without a doubt.
  • Yogic Breathing is referred to as Pranayama.
  • Pranayama is a sacred science of breathing that helps us to connect with the Supreme Consciousness and activates the mysterious healing forces within us.
  • Pranayama, also known as Yogic Breathing, is a collection of breathing exercises that have been shown to improve our immune system and cure a variety of ailments. It aids the proper functioning of our body organs and aids the removal of pollutants from our bodies.
  • Pranayama entails specialized breathing techniques; it strengthens our respiratory system organically, and given that the fatal Coronavirus assaults a person's respiratory system, it is critical to practice Pranayama to protect oneself against Coronavirus.
  • Pranayama helps people achieve profound and pleasant levels of meditation by keeping their minds calm and composed. Pranayama creates a deep bond between a person and the Supreme Consciousness, resulting in an increase in self-confidence and the release of highly positive healing energies.
  • There is no better time in life to begin doing these breathing exercises, not only to protect ourselves from the epidemic, but also to begin moving forward on the path to divinity.
  • Our country's Holy Sages have always maintained that if one masters one's breath, success, health, bliss, and harmony will follow as a natural result in one's life!
  • Make sound health, strong immunity, and peace of mind natural experiences in your life by using the ancient and sacred science of Pranayama. Chat with Astrologer
  • Ayurveda promotes a healthy, regenerated body with a high level of immunity. Because of their incredible medicinal characteristics, simple yet incredibly potent herbs/herbal meals produce miracles in our bodies.
  • During this time of lockdown, advises us to include certain Ayurvedic herbal combinations in our daily diet to improve our immune system and combat the dangers of Coronavirus
  • Giloy and Amla have been shown to considerably improve a person's immune system. Amla is known for its strong antioxidant levels and amazing rejuvenating effects, while Giloy enhances the White Blood Corpuscles (W.B.C's) that fight infections within our bodies.
  • Drinking Amla and Giloy juice every day, or ingesting them in other forms, can help to maintain a healthy immune system that is ready to fight and ward off illnesses.
  • These days, herbal tea is also popular. However, you can brew your own herbal tea formulation according to Ayurveda to support your respiratory system in particular during this lockdown when access to prepackaged herbal formulations is limited.
  • You can find several videos on explaining how to make herbal tea at home to enhance your immunity and strengthen your respiratory system.
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