Which factors in Kundli influence your decision of getting married

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The most significant event in a person's life is their marriage. Every parent desires to see their child marry someone they like. Marriage is a significant element of a person's life and the most essential decision that they should make. Finding a caring and supportive companion in one's life is really vital.

According to the website astrologykart.com, there are a variety of questions that come to mind when it comes to marriage, ranging from "When will I get married?" to "How much will it cost?" Or whether they would marry for love or for money? To summarize, marriage astrology answers all of these concerns and delivers marriage predictions based on a person's date of birth, allowing them to better understand the trajectory of their love life. It also talks about the Manglik dosha and the ideal diamond to wear for a happy marriage.

  • When is the best time to be married?
  • In order to determine the optimal time to marry, the 7th house of the birth chart must be examined. The 7th house's strength, its lord, its karaka, and planet Venus are the most significant factors to consider while determining the best time for marriage.
  • Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting for a wedding date:
  • If the Yoga of Marriage is present, it is necessary to determine if the marriage is early or late. talk to astrologer.
  • The 5th Lord's and Ascending Lord's Dasha is extremely significant.
  • The Dasha of Rahu is significant because it aids in the analysis of marriage by studying the planet Rahu.
  • The Lords of the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses, as well as any of their Lords, are extremely essential in the Navamsa chart.
  • The houses that need to be looked at when looking at a marriage horoscope
  • When looking at marriage predictions by date of birth, the 7th house and its lord are quite relevant.
  • The 8th house can be used to determine the stability and sustainability of a marriage, as well as physical compatibility. Thus, astrological yoga for a good relationship is created when the 5th house or its Lord joins with either of the 8th house or its Lord. Astrology Advice
  • Is it better to marry for love or for money? What do your stars have to say about it?
  • There is a lot of doubt over whether you should select a love marriage or an arranged marriage, and a solution is needed. The only way to find a solution is to use Astrology. Whether you want a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the astrologykart.com site can help you pick between the two and solve all of your concerns. There are a variety of love marriage gurus who may assist you in determining how your love life will turn out. Chat with astrologer.
  • In a horoscope, the 5th house is known as the house of love, while the 7th house is known as the house of marriage. The strength of the 5th house and its lord in the Kundli is quite important when learning about Yoga for Love Marriage. The possibilities of a love marriage are extremely high if the 5th house and its lord are free of afflictions and powerful. There are chances of being in a love relationship if the 5th house is bordered by emotional planets. The relationship between the 5th and 7th houses is critical. The conjunction of Venus and Mars is also noteworthy. The Kundali's 5th and 7th houses, as well as the Venus-Mars relationship, are crucial in determining the likelihood of love or arranged marriage. When it comes to evaluating love or arranged marriage, the 9th house and its lord are quite crucial. For additional details, see the astrologykart.com website.
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