10 Vastu tips for your new home

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"Home is where the heart is," as the saying goes. Whether it's at the end of a long day or first thing in the morning, we all want to be at home. Stay-at-home parents desire comfort, quiet, and wonderful memories with their children. We often worry about shielding our home from the negative energies that surround us since it is so important to us. According to many traditional beliefs, each house has its own energy type; yet, it is vital to have residences that emit positive energy.

  • Here are some simple yet effective ways for defending yourself and your family from the bad aspects of life:
  • Some lights, diyas, and incense are used at home every evening and morning. This cleanses the aura and wards off negativity as well as any evil eye. Astrology Advice
  • Keep in mind that the kitchen should be built on the southeast corner of the house. A northwest corner is also an excellent option. Nonetheless, be sure that the gas stove is facing southeast.
  • Make your kitchen impenetrable to any ailment. Always keep drugs out of the kitchen since the kitchen represents health and pleasure, whereas pharmaceuticals represent the polar opposite. 
  • According to Vastu, there should be no mirrors in the bedroom. If your closet contains a dressing table or a mirror, you must cover it with a curtain while sleeping. Keep the mirror away from the bed as well. as it may cause health issues and family discord.
  • Plants produce a lot of energy, but not all of it is used for good. Plants that produce milk, such as cactus and rubber plants, should be avoided since they damage the house's stability and harmony. 
  • To help break bad energy and allow positive energy to flow freely, use wind chimes as tinkling bells. They're also a great addition to any home's décor. Chat with Astrologer
  • Swastik is the sacred symbol of wealth and prosperity. Swastik symbols should be used in-house. On a daily basis, draw holy symbols like Swastik and OM on the exterior of your main door, and place Holy Water (Ganga Jal) in dark and disused portions of your home, replacing it weekly.
  • Most people enjoy storing unnecessary goods, however, they not only take up space but also carry negative energy. So keep your house clean and clutter-free to attract positive energy and money into your home.
  • You should always choose hardwood furniture over fresh current materials for your home since hardwood furniture is supposed to bring harmony to the family. It works effectively when the furniture is in regular shapes like rectangular, circular, or square.
  • The use of bright colors in the home creates a joyful atmosphere. For the master bedroom, brown and almond are acceptable selections. If you're newly married, avoid wearing dark hues. Yellow, pink, and orange are cheerful colors that create a relaxing atmosphere. Talk to Astrologer

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