Role of Planets in Astrology

Planets are the heavenly bodies that rotate on their axis and revolve around the sun. Do planets really impact a person’s thought process and his behavior and in his action? Rotating on its axis and orbiting around the sun, thousands of miles away from the earth, do they precisely rein our future? If it is not true, then how some of the astrologers predict exactly about our good time or bad time, about our success and failure and about your relations etc. Talk to Best Astrologer In India

We are nothing but clump of atoms made up of particular constituent help together by the physical fuse of the universe, just like these celestial bodies. Made-up of the same constituents, we respond to the pattern of our universe. Here is the list of some planets which are in astrology:


Sun is the main centre of all the planets in astrology. It is also known as the ‘Father of Stars’. Sun is also considered as one of the supreme deities of Hindus. Surya, Bhaskar, Arun, and Ravi are some of the highly esteemed names of lord Sun. Sun is beneficial heavenly body in astrology but can be calamitous if held in any adverse location in horoscope. Enthusiastic emplacement of Sun in a horoscope can bring stardom and potentiality to a person in all sector including the field of occupation.


As we know that the Moon is nearest to Earth and it impacts us more extremely than any other heavenly bodies. The impact is very peculiar, very bosom. Although, the Sun symbolizes as our spirit and the Moon symbolizes as our soul.


Mars is considered as the action Planet of the Zodiac. Mars Sign describes what you desire and how you execute that desire. It adjures you to stand up, be spotted and get things done etc. Aspiration and contention are also within Mars’s domain. Mars is the dominant planet of zodiacal signs Scorpio and Aries.


Intelligent, Innovative, Adaptable, Bilateral, Erratic, and feminine ‘Planet Mercury’ is closest to Sun and one of the four heavenly bodies & inner planets in the Solar system. Mercury is both beneficial and calamitous by its characteristic based upon its inhabited house in someone’s horoscope or zodiac sign and correlation with other heavenly bodies. Mercury has dual characteristics. This planet governs two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo. Hence, our body parts that are governed by Mercury are ear, lungs arms, and nervous system. 


Jupiter planet impacts on thinking capability of a person. In astrology, astrologer says that it governs good luck and good prosperity, health, wealth, buoyancy, happiness, success and joy. It is a symbol of occasion and always unlock way for new occasions in life. Jupiter is the denigration of hindrance and the prominence on spirituality and potential. Although, our victory, achievements and good luck are all within Jupiter’s domain, its negative impact can lead into laziness and sloth. It governs the zodiacal signs Sagittarius and Pisces, which belongs to fire and watery elements consecutively.


As we know that Venus is the brightest planet in astrology. Venus is a feminine planet and regarded as the Goddess of all earthly amenity and chief governor of marriage in men’s chart. Men and women governed by Venus are undoubtedly peaceful and social. When exasperated, Venus generates undesirable domiciliary conditions, apprehension in love, and struggling with friends of through money matters.


Shani is a servant in astrological world. It is symbol of hard work, sorrow, old men, retainer and the low-level helpers, workers in the iron and steel industry, municipality and sewer work. A well-placed Saturn can grant tremendous power, stature, name and stardom and a wrong placement of Saturn can destroy you.

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How can I make money by making an astrology website?

Astrology is the practise of studying the effect of the heavenly body on various forms of human life. The trick to effective astrological research is correctly determining the motions and locations of the planets or celestial bodies. It is a technically complex method involving many equations and analytics. As a result, there is obviously a need for Horoscope Software.

The application can assist in generating precise horoscopes for many people at the same time. A horoscope is astrological information about a person’s life. It helps in the discovery of character qualities, the flow of life, and solutions to ongoing challenges or problems in people’s lives.

Every day, many people consult an astrologer for horoscope analysis, horoscope preparation, life problem solutions, marriage matches, and identifying auspicious times to begin a new activity – whether marriage, career, or something else. Talk to Best Astrologer In India

Both of these conditions require an astrologer to do complex calculations that are subject to human error – we all know how sensitive we are to make mistakes while dealing with delicate calculations. An astrologer or astrology student may depend on such software to eliminate the risk of errors.

Astrology software includes a variety of desktop apps for generating horoscopes and other astrological uses. They help the astrologer in making reasonable decisions about a person’s future. If you are an astrologer or astrology student looking to make money online, this app is a great way to get started.

 The Features of Horoscope Software:

Kundli matching, also known as Kundli Milan, is a method for analysing the kundlis of a boy and a girl who are about to marry. The star matching, Kunja mangal dosh, papa samya, and dasha sindhi are all examined by astrology applications.

  • This programme will generate regional style maps.
  • You may use astrology tools to make dasha and apahara predictions.
  • It computes and determines the beginning and end of the dashas and apaharas in a person’s life.
  • You can predict each dasha and apahara using astrology tools.
  • It is capable of making bhava predictions. You may use astrology tools to analyse the 12 bhavas to forecast different facets of your life, such as marriages, marriage, work, money, health, and education.
  • The application will study yogas and their effects on people’s lives. It examines the kundli to determine the planetary combinations that lead to yogas.
  • It provides a thorough overview of certain yogas and their impact on one’s life.
  • It can forecast pachangs using weekdays, tithi, birth star karana, and nithya yoga.

 Online Astrology Consultation or Astrology Students Earn Money Online With This Software:

It is a low-risk market method for aspiring astrologers or teachers of astrology. Astrology programme is a one-time commitment that allows a beginner to practise and earn at the same time. It simplifies astrological equations and provides you with a suitable platform to expand your company with limited investment.

You can comfortably make money as an astrologer by selling reports to individuals. Astrology software gives you many chances to learn your client’s basic information, such as birth date and time. When you enter the data into the application, you get charts that are almost as good as ready-made. Online Astrology Store

As currently said, astrological forecasts require a broad variety of complicated estimates. You may use such tools to create detailed and accurate horoscopes. You can quickly analyse these horoscopes and expand on the contents and communicate the results to your customers. You can also show a general horoscope prediction chart on your website. It will allow you to drag an increasing number of clients.

 You may create horoscope charts in a variety of regional styles, including North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, and Kerala. The type of horoscope charts varies according to position or area. You can conveniently generate these charts based on your position and area, or that of your customer.

 You can submit reports to clients in both softcopy and hardcopy format, as required. Hardcopies are generally more expensive than softcopies. As a result, it provides you with another chance to increase your sales.

You will use this programme to do panchang calculations. Vaara, tithi, nakshatra, yoga, and karana are the five qualities or attributes that all instances of time have. These five characteristics are developed for each day of the year in an archive known as panchang. Astrology software allows you to precisely learn the panchang and its precise measurements. As a result, you can produce precise reports with this software.

You can make personalised reports or horoscopes based on your needs, such as a single page sheet, a report with a map and estimates, or a report with just predictions.

It enables you to forecast and produce reports in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malyalam.

It has a built-in map of cities that contains longitude, latitude values, and time zones for cities all around the world.

Astrology software can also provide solutions to problems in a person’s life. This application is as simple to use as data entry. You simply type your certificates into the astrology application and get your forecast or findings with a single click. Best Vedic Astrologer Online

  • This application would not require any special or technological expertise to use.
  • Simply insert the individual’s credentials, such as name, date of birth, time of birth, place, and so on. With a single click, you can obtain predictions and solutions for the problems at hand.


How can I earn money from astrology online?

Astrology is a science, and more generally, it is a science that can share knowledge about the future by studying the motions of events in space. Online Astrology Consultation is fascinating because it allows you to think not just about your own future but also about the futures of others. This activity has been around since the 4th century B.C. and plays very important part in today’s society!

To begin, you must become a qualified astrologer. It will tell you everything you need to know about being a professional Join as Astrologer, as well as the steps you must follow to begin earning money immediately. There are a lot of things you’ll need to read about Online Astrology Consultation before you can start practising it and making money.

When you become a professional Best Astrologer, you will be able to understand Astrology and even calculate people’s futures based on their horoscope readings. There is a lot of money to be made in recognising people’s horoscopes and knowing their future.

An Join As Astrology online can help you get through times when the universe is passing you unhappy energies, which can enable you and others to get into a world of pain. Many people face problems that the majority of their problems, such as sleeping disorders, eating disorders, weight problems, dental problems, and so on, are caused by astrological issues.

You will become a certified Best Astrologer In India today and support yourself and others in managing all of these issues! People like potential solutions, and if you can fix other people’s problems, you’re in good company. People hate challenges and will do anything to have others guide them in the way of understanding them.

If you really wish to make to Best Astrologer your profession, I recommend that you try it and never quit. One of the simplest ways of achieving any goal is to never give up before you achieve that goal.

You can easily make money as an Online Astrology Consultation by selling reports to individuals. Astrology software gives you many chances to learn your client’s basic information, such as birth date and time.

Astrology is a successful profession-

In India, astrology has arisen as one of the most successful and rewarding career opportunities. To become a successful astrologer, one must first complete a course at a reputable institute or university. After completing the course, one can function as an astrologer or vastu specialist with any organisation.

Qualifications are required to become an astrologer-

Astronomers must be well-versed in astronomy and mathematics, as well as chemistry, so they study the physics of the whole cosmos and how everything in it works. If you wish to continue your studies, you will need to get decent grades in your GCSEs, A-levels, or Higher.

To learn basics of astrology in a eight to twelve week-

You can learn the very basics of astrology in an eight to twelve week class. You will hear about the general nature of the horoscope and the sky as seen from Earth, including the great arcs, the celestial equator, longitude, latitude, and so on. Join As Astrologer


Is being an astrologer a profitable business?

The current days are tough, and everyone is searching for a helping hand in order to survive. If you are a small or big business, a local project or a multi-national corporation, you need not be afraid to do business using astrology.

Many of the same strategies that are used to develop most home-based companies that offer customised services to clients are used to grow an Online Astrology Consultation company. As for every company, looking at the strategies used by other active astrologers – and business owners in general – will provide useful tips for expanding your client base.

There are various and dynamic astrology companies. The American Federation of Astrologers was established in 1938 and has since grown to become a multinational organisation. Astrologers who choose to succeed in a competitive field also choose a particular market and target it for customers.

One example is the field of market astrology, which focuses in assisting businesses in selecting good astrological days to begin new projects and taking other important tips, treating the business as though it were a person and using a birth chart based on the day the business was created.

Researching Successful Astrologers:

Best Astrologer also establish an online audience, give interviews, and write articles on the systems they use to attract new customers. Astrology has recently become popular and will continue to expand as science instruments and a greater understanding of humans become possible. Online Astrology Consultation is also one of the fastest growing markets (particularly in India), growing at a rate close to 100 percent year on year and projected to reach $3 billion by 2020 in India alone.

People, especially young people, are realising that astrology can be useful in helping them shape their future in an organised and educated manner. On the other hand, an increasing number of trained and passionate individuals are practicing astrology as a career and leading people through realistic, new, and progressive consultations.

The possible advantage of an astrology business:

Consider providing online spiritual consultation that mediums such as Skype as a variation on your peripheral opportunities. Consider holding cultural functions such as casual conferences at which you explore astrology and its historical importance, as well as its relation to current events.

-The actual amount of benefit you can make will differ greatly. Many retail businesses end up with net profit margins ranging from 2% to 3%. However, if you have an unique product and a small team, you can maximise your margins and make a huge difference on your community.

Finally, don’t be shy to ask consumers if they want to be added to a mailing list—you will create a newsletter that includes astrological information as well as promotional material about the business. If done correctly, this will keep loyal clients coming back and taking friends and family with them. Best Vedic Astrologer Online

The main audience:

Obviously, the greatest customers are those who still believe in astrology’s spiritual promise. In terms of demographics, college-aged students who are seeking shifts in their worldview are usually strong consumers.

Today ’s environment, more than ever, need this age-old foundation, which is entirely made in India, in their lives due to changes in our society’s socioeconomic circumstances and the global complexities!

In the coming years, it will develop its horizons and respond to the modern demands of the twenty-first century. It’s not that far off that astrology would be as easy as filling your device!


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